TP1001CO, TP1002CO

 TP1001CO Cutover Systems

TP1001CO Cutover Systems
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TP1001CO Cutover Systems
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TP1002CO Cutover Systems

TP1002CO Cutover Systems

The Cutover Systems from Custom Assembly, Incorporated is your short cut to just about everything...including time and money.

This system provides a process to prepare the central office distributing frame and the cable vault area for the addition of a new switch and/or additional outside plant cables.

  • Eliminates half-taps
  • Eliminates temporary splice closings
  • provides auxiliary jumper fields

This Cutover System provides for the replacement of the old protector blocks with new high quality blocks on an existing frame.

The Replacement Cutover System provides for the cutover to a new main distributing frame.

The Auxiliary Jumper Field Cutover System provides for the cutover of a new switch while retaining the existing protector blocks.

The TP1001CO fits 302/303 Series

The TP1002CO fit the AT&T 310/311 Series and the Seicor/NTI 391