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SP1016-2 Single Pair Tester for the 76 block

76 Block

The TP1016 (50 pair) Front Tap Shoe is designed for use with the AT&T type 76 terminal block.

*When ordering your Front Tap Shoes, please note that Female Cinch Jones connectors are obsolete and no longer available. If your testing equipment requires Cinch Jones, you will need to order an adapter


The TP1016 consist of the following components:

  • One 15 foot, 50 pair 28 gauge stranded (7/38) tinned wire cable. soldered terminations. 
  • Machined, plastic contact pin housing.
  • 100 gold plated Tip Ring contact pins
  • Two 25 pair Female Cinch Jones or Amp connectors
  • Two mounting screws for secure connection
  • Cable strain relief provided on the TP1015 (100 pair)

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible that the 76 terminal block can become quite warped. In such cases, the twist of the block could cause the pins to not make proper contact. Thus, we recommend using the 50 pair shoe (TP1016).