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The TP 1027, TP1027B, and TP1027S Front Tap Shoes are designed with alligator,butt(B), or small(S) clips to interface with almost any 25 pair terminal. Each of the five separate branches contain five pairs of alligator clips (butt clips for the 1027B) for work where no other means of multiple pair testing is available.


*Please note: due to the obsolescence of Cinch Jones connectors, all our Front Tap Shoes are now manufactured with male bail lock AMP connectors.

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The TP 1027 consists of the following components:

  • The 25 pair alligator clips are made of copper for best connection.
  • A 15 foot, 25 pair, 28 gauge stranded (7/38) tinned wire cable that is solder terminated on a 25 pair Cinch Jones Female connector or AMP Connector.
  • Color-coded tip-ring alligator clips for easy installation.


Fast and Easy Alternative to all these alligator clips:

Custom Assembly, Incorporated has the solution for those old model CAC/Siecor

Cross Connect boxes and Cabinets. Not only do we manufacture Front Tap Shoes that are compatible to those, but we also have designed a multiple test clip to use as a simpler alternative to the full-fledged Tap Shoes. The multiple test clip (TP2006, TP2007, and TP2008) also works well on the phenolic boards with terminals pressed into them.

Many Telco repair folks have been very pleased with the results and ease of this product.


The TP2008 is an alternative option to the TP1027


TP1027B-Same as C9810-TP 1027except w/Butt clips (popper).

TP1027S-Same as C9810-TP 1027except small clips.