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The TP 1087 Front Tap Shoe is designed for use with the 3M SID C block / the Mini Quante-ADC/ the Krone LSA-Plus NT  Disconnect Block (White body, gray base), the HD180 & HD10, and the  Krone LSA Plus HD10. It is used to connect the user's test equipment to the central office terminal test field.

  • Also fits: ADC Krone/NT

*Please note: due to the obsolescence of Cinch Jones connectors, all our Front Tap Shoes are now manufactured with male bail lock AMP connectors.

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The TP1087 consists of the following components:

  • Five individual blocks; ten pair each block.
  • One 15 foot, 50 pair 28 AWG gauge stranded (7/38) tinned wire cable; soldered terminations.
  • Two 25 pair Female Cinch Jones connectors or Amp Connectors.