3M 4500

The TP1235 Front Tap Shoe is designed for use on the 3M 4510. The 3M 4510 is part of the 4500 SYSTEM of blocks. The 3M 4510 is the 10-pair Module Terminating System.

  • Please note: the 3M 4525 was the 25 pr version of the 4500 SYSTEM and is no longer an application
  • Front Tap Shoe is in development and will have 10 pair modules.

*Please note: due to the obsolescence of Cinch Jones connectors, all our Front Tap Shoes are now manufactured with male bail lock AMP connectors.

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The TP1235 is a 50 pair Front Tap Shoe consisting of the following components:

* Five 10 pair heads with machined plastic hoods

* One 50 pair 28 awg cable with soldered terminations

* Latching mechanisms to assure precision fit

* Cable strain relief for extra support

* Two female Cinch Jones or Amp connectors depending on customer's needs