ADC/Krone Blocks

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NOTE: this photo displays the differences and FTS numbers of Krone LSA models. Please look below for the specific block and corresponding FTS link:  (click on image for enlargement)

C39104-A92-530/540 (TP1036)

 LSA+ Series 2 (TP1047)       (TP1047-100 PRAM) 

NOTE: PRAM FTS WORK ON DISCONNECT MODULES ONLY... for further explanation, see page 4 of this publication

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 Krone Series LSA+ NT & HD10 & HD180  (TP1087)    (TP1087-100 PRAM)

 Krone Highband (TP1115)

 Krone/Quante (TP1069) Krone LSA Series 10 (TP1160)

 Krone/Siemens 71 block (TP1046i)  

Cross Connect (TP1050) Photo of block not available


The LSA-PLUS® series module casing is made of flame-retardant thermoplastic polyester and is extremely resistant against environmental influences (climate; aggressive atmosphere; exposure to sunlight). The insulation displacement contacts arranged at an angle in the casing are made of silver-plated special brass and are characterised by their low transition resistances and their high level of transmission quality, which is due not least to the gas-tight insulation displacement connection. Naturally, LSA-PLUS technology fulfils the high requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 352, Part 4.

 Connection module

 The functional principle of the LSA-PLUS connection module is

based on an unbreakable connection. On the system/cable side and

the jumper side, the cable leads are connected to the contacts

arranged opposite one another. In the centre are separate contacts

for each pair, which, for example, can be used for measurement

and testing work, for switching using switching adapters or for

inserting overvoltage protection magazines (3-point protection with

overvoltage protection contact arrestors or semiconductor elements).

The casing is grey.


Disconnection module 

With the LSA-PLUS disconnection module, the connection can be

broken by placing a disconnection plug in the normally closed

contact between the connection contacts. Using patch and test cords,

it is possible to create a wide variety of different circuits for measuring and

testing. The disconnection module principle is particularly suitable for realising high-quality protection

concepts. The casing is white.


 Switching module

 With the LSA-PLUS switching module, the individual connection contacts and up to 40 idle circuits are

disconnected. By adding plugs or cords, circuits can be connected if necessary or used for measuring and

testing purposes. The installation of 5-point or graded protection is also possible. The casing is brown or,

in the LSA-PLUS NT modules, yellow.


Earth module

Depending on the design, the LSA-PLUS earth modules enable up to 84 cable leads to be laid to a common

electrical potential. Via a securely connected flexible earth line, the earth potential to a backmount frame or

to an earth terminal is established. The casing is red.